Expanding and exiting your business


As you expand through organic growth or you are seeking new opportunities through non-organic growth to take your business into profitable new markets or sectors, we can provide management and financial consultancy services to help expand your business, acquire complementary businesses or develop overseas markets.

Many have grown their business to a stage where they need someone to provide fresh input and talk through their plans for the future. Often many owner managed businesses lack a discrete, independent viewpoint for their owners or management to talk to once their initial plans are achieved.

Financial consultancy in London

Backed with over 20 years of business acumen, we can help consolidate or generate ideas for expansion or consolidation. We offer a full range of assistance to owners or management from brain storming, training to management or non-executive director services.


For many, the business that you start-up and develop will end with an eventual sale or you may want to pass it on to family members so that they can participate in the future. Often this is the most important financial transaction of your life. We help you to think about succession planning and ways for you to exit your business.

Don't leave anything to chance. Take advantage of our corporate tax planning, corporate finance and wealth management services.

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